The idea of starting SunLit Candle Co. originated from my infatuation I have had with sunsets and the emotions that overwhelm me standing in front of them, it brought me a sense of nostalgia of my past.

These emotions slowly turned into scents.  I started buying candles that brought me back to places and times in my past so I could re-live the feeling and memories of those times. Lighting a beachy candle brought me back to the memories of the weekends with my family at the shore and watching the sunsets on the beach listening to the waves.


This is why I created SunLit Candle Co. I wanted to capture memories and emotions in a candle scent so that not only I could re-live them, but also share them with others. Every scent in the Everyday Collection has a story behind it whether its an over-whelming feeling of emotions or thinking of a past time.

Sorry, this collection does not contain any products.

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