Aromatherapy Spray

Aromatherapy is widely known for its Emotional & Mental Wellness properties while it has many other benefits in our day to day life. Sense of smell is strongly connected to the part of your brain that stores memories, when aromatherapy is used these scents are to help establish a sense of harmony between your mind and body. Essential oils are widely known to relieve stress, elevate your mood, and can even have healing benefits. In our brand we use nothing but the highest quality of ingredients, with that being said, we use essential oils that are derived from plants ensuring it is the purest and most accurate form of benefits. 

A few ways I recommend using these for and what the benefits of them are:

Room Spray: Spray the air or furniture to capture your favorite scent in a bigger dose. Jojoba Oil absorbs into furniture without staining and allows for a longer aroma.

Pillow Spray: Certain scents, such as Aromatherapy, are very benificial in this option. Spray your sheets or pillow with your favorite scent at night to promote a better nights sleep. Jojoba Oil is beneficial to the hair by promoting growth and hydration. Skin benefits include, antibacterial, antioxidant, promote collagen, hypoallergenic, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and may help soothe eczema and other dry skin conditions. 

Body Spray: Spray your favorite scent as a perfume. Because we use Jojoba Oil rather than alcohol, it acts as a better binder ensuring a longer lasting aroma on the skin.

Hair Perfume: Like a body spray, these can be used as a perfume for the hair. Smell good and take care of your hair all in one! Jojoba Oil is known to help stimulate circulation and nourish hair follicles to promote growth and provide hydration.

For Aromatherapy benefits we suggest this line of fragrance to be used as Pillow sprays .

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils

Jojoba Oil is known for its anti-inflammitory benefits and being packed with Vitamin B, C, E. 


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